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Women's SheltersNo woman should ever feel trapped in an abusive relationship, nor should she feel like the only other option is to be out on the streets with her children. Women's shelters in Arizona have the lofty goal of ensuring that every battered woman and her children have a safe place to stay. For some women it takes one moment for them to realize they must get out and they may arrive at a shelter with nothing but the clothes they have on. Arizona shelters for women provide not only a safe place to stay and a warm meal, but they also provide clothes, medicines, toiletries and supplies for infants. Their goal is to make sure that the women in their care feel safe and protected and know that they do not need to be in an abusive relationship in order to be provided for.

Women's shelters in Arizona also offer a number of additional services to all women, even those who choose not to stay with them. There are counseling services to allow women to come to terms with their relationship and to help women see the signs so that they can avoid being in a bad relationship in the future. Arizona shelters for women also provide resources for affordable housing and employment so that the women in their care are able to get back on their feet and be able to support themselves and their children. Whether a woman comes to an Arizona women's shelter on her own or with an entire family in tow, they are welcomed with open arms.

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