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Women's SheltersFor many women, a women's shelter in Delaware is a haven of last resort, the one place they know they can turn to when they have nowhere else to go. These shelters are willing to help women who are escaping a bad relationship, trying to get out an abusive situation or leaving a controlling partner. All of these situations are ones where women feel trapped and if they have no close friends or family, they may feel as if there is no other option but to stay. However, there are a number of Delaware women's shelters that are waiting with smiling faces and open arms for all women that are trying to find a way to escape a bad situation.

The good news is that more and more women are overcoming their fear and making their way to women's shelters in Delaware. The shelters are able to provide shelter and food for any woman who is trying to get away. They will even take in women and children so that a mother does not feel as if she must stay for her children. The women's shelters in Delaware are so much more than just a warm meal and a place to stay, they also have a wide range of resources to help women move on and get back on their feet. They have counseling services, help for finding employment and resources to help women gain permanent housing of their own. No woman should ever feel trapped in an abusive situation and the women's shetlers in Delaware ensure that no woman has to.

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