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Women's SheltersA women's shelter in Kansas is a saving grace for women who have been the victims of abuse or find themselves in a bad situation due to being in a dependent relationship. There have been a number of studies which have shown that women are using women's shelters at higher and higher rates. This is promising as many women have felt trapped in bad relationships or they feel like going to a shelter is not an option for them. There are women's shelters in Kansas so that women have a place where they can go to be safe from their abusers. Women's shelters offer a comfortable place to stay, food and supplies for children and infants.The shelters only ask that women do their best to stay safe and live a happy life in return.

However, the women's shelters in Kansas offer so much more than just food and a warm place to stay, they also provide a number of invaluable services. These services including intensive counseling to help women come to terms with this abusive relationship and to help learn how to avoid those relationships in the future. Women's shelters in Kansas also offer resources to help women find permanent housing and employment so that they can provide for themselves and their children. These services are necessary to the women and children who use them by ensuring that they will no longer have to fear being a victim everyday. Numerous women have taken advantage of the services offered by women's shelters in Kansas and have gone on to live happy and successful lives.

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