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Women's SheltersWhen a woman has reached the end of her rope she may feel like there is nowhere for her to turn and no one that she can depend on, she can go to a women's shelter in Maryland. Many abusive relationships involve a great deal of control over the woman, where she has no close relationships and no access to money. Studies have shown that the reason why man women stay in abusive relationships is that they feel like they have nowhere else to go and that no one else is willing to look after them. This is the problems that women's shelters in Maryland solve by offering all women a safe place to stay, even if they have children with them. These shelters offer food and shelter, as well as basic necessities for women who arrive with little else but the clothes on their back.

Along with the offers of food and a safe place to stay, a women's shelter offers counseling services and a sense of community that many women lose when they are in an abusive relationship. Many women's shelters in Maryland even offer resources for finding employment and permanent housing. These services are essential to ensuring that a woman does not end up in the same abusive relationship or in a new abusive relationship. Women who take advantage of the services offered by the women's shelters in Maryland often go on to lead very happy and successful lives, and they have the tools to avoid being trapped in another bad relationship.

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