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Women's SheltersNo woman should ever feel trapped in an abusive relationship, nor should she feel like the only other option is to be out on the streets with her children. This is why the women's shelters in Mississippi seek to create a place where all women are welcome and where they can feel safe. For some women the moment she sets food in a women's shelter is the first time that she feels truly safe in years. Mississippi shelters for women provide not only a safe place to stay and a warm meal, but they also provide clothes, medicines, toiletries and supplies for infants. They work hard to make sure that women who show up with nothing but the clothes on their back still have everything they need to have a fresh start.

Women's shelters in Mississippi also offer a number of additional services to all women, even those who choose not to stay with them. These services include intensive counseling where women are forced to face their relationship and how it affected their life. There are also the services that help women gain the confidence and the ability to become self-sufficient and start a new life without fear and abuse. During their stay at the women's shelter in Mississippi the caring staff helps each women find a permanent home and a stable job. Many women have stayed at a women's shelter in Mississippi and gone on to have very happy and successful lives, but each woman always has to take that first step and visit the shelter.

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