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Women's SheltersWhen a woman is in a controlling relationship, she may feel trapped because she has no one that she can turn to and she may have no money to her name. For a battered woman, they have often accepted their relationship as life and feel as if they cannot get any better. The women's shelters in Nevada feel that no woman should ever feel like she is not good enough or that she is trapped in an abusive relationship. Nevada women's shelters have the lofty goal of ensuring that every battered woman and her children have a safe place to stay. These shelters provide not only a warm meal and a comfortable bed, but they provide anything the women and children in their care need from clothing and diapers to medicine and toiletries.

There are also a number of services on offer by the women's shelters in Nevada, and these services are what makes the difference between a woman having a fresh start and never coming back, to women ending back up in violent relationships. There are counseling services to allow women to come to terms with their relationship and to help women see the signs so that they can avoid being in a bad relationship in the future. There are also resources at the Nevada women's shelters available to help women find stable employment and a permanent home. Giving a woman the ability to support herself ensures that she will never run back to an abusive relationship out of desperation and this is what stops the cycle of domestic violence.

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