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Women's SheltersFor many women in Oregon, a women's shelter is the place of last resort and the place that can save their lives. Some women run to the shelter after barely escaping a violent attack with their lives, some women reach their breaking point when the abuser turns to abuse her children. In many of these cases, women arrive with nothing but the clothes on their back, their only thought of finding a safe place away from their attacker. Women's shelters in Oregon are available to give these women the chance to get away, to be safe from their abuser. If a women has children, her children are welcome at the Oregon women's shelter as well, and the entire family will be protected and provided for.

However, giving women and children a place to stay is just the beginning. Oregon women's shelters know that if they are going to save women from domestic violence, they will need to give women the confidence and the tools to become self-sufficient. All the women's shelters in Oregon offer counseling services to help women move forward from their abusive relationships and they offer resources and help so that each woman has a way to become self-sufficient. Once a women realizes that she is a strong woman and that she can provide for herself, she will never again let herself be trapped in a bad relationship. The goal of all women's shelters is to make sure that all the women who come through their doors never have to come there to escape an abusive situation again.

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