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Women's SheltersWomen's shelters in Rhode Island seek to limit the number of women who are subjected to domestic violence and to stop any woman from losing her life due to an abusive relationship. Some of the most severe cases of domestic violence and abuse occur over weeks, months or even years because women feel like they have no way out. Often the person they are with holds all the power and the woman is isolated and alone with no place to go. The women's shelters in Rhode Island become a sanctuary for women in this awful situations and they open their doors for all women and children in need. Everyone is given a comfortable room to stay and warm meals, and all the basic needs of the women and children in the shelter are met.

But the Rhode Island women's shelters provide so much more than food and shelter, they also provide clothing, toiletries, baby supplies and anything else a woman and her family might need. For woman who escape with their lives they often have nothing to their name, but a stay at a Rhode Island women's shelter changes all of that. They help each woman that comes through their doors by finding them a permanent home and a stable job so that they can move on with their lives without worrying about being out on the street with their children. The goal of the women's shelters in Rhode Island is to always make sure that there is no temptation for a woman to go back to her abuser.

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